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OLDCARPET Iranian Rugs

Are you looking for unique and unusual Gabbeh? is the only place that you can find a good selection of unique, original and Persian GABBEH rugs.

There are many stores on-line and off-line that are selling Gabbeh rugs, but our Gabbeh rugs are one of a kind Gabbeh rugs woven by Qashqaie tribe of northwest Shiraz.

These rugs are produced for the daily use of the tribe and are NOT commercially produced for the western market. They have originality and collectable value.

Some of our Unique GABBEH
Persian Gabbeh Rugs
Lion Gabbeh
Persian Gabbeh Rugs
Bird Gabbeh
Persian Gabbeh Rugs
Deer Gabbeh
We do not carry Gabbeh rugs made in India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan…only Persian.

We are very selective in the rugs we import and only sell the most interesting designs of the highest wool quality, dye and weave. We have been exporting directly from the south Persian tribes, via Shiraz or Tehran markets to collectors in Switzerland, and California for more than 20 years.

Most of our buyers become collectors once they see and feel the excitement of having an authentic Persian Gabbeh rug in their home, ranch or office.

Who are making the Persian GABBEHs?
Persian Gabbeh Rugs
Who is presenting thePersian GABBEHs?
Persian Gabbeh Rugs, NIPOC Trade Show 2004
Our Weekly Special
Persian Gabbeh Rugs
Bird Gabbeh
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